The last thing you want to worry about are issues that distract you from your chosen career, especially when they are financial issues.   At SBM, we help you stay focused by taking away a lot of the consuming responsibilities you just don’t have time for.   Very simply, you get paid to perform at a very high level, and to stay there, you always need to have a high level of concentration and focus.

All too many times, outside distractions cause performance to decline – it’s a hard balancing act.  Life is full of twists and turns, and it’s hard to keep things in order when you’re all over the place, doing what you need to do to stay around for as long as possible.  Fortunately, there is help. Unfortunately, not a lot of people take advantage of that help.  Most of the time, when something goes bad, it boils down to a lack of knowledge or experience.

We can help with that learning curve.  The mass majority of professional athletes and entertainers did not go to school to study finance and accounting.  Therefore, hire someone that knows what they are doing – fill in the gaps.  That’s where SBM comes in.  We help take care of you and your best interests, and build our relationship on trust and hard work.  When an athlete or entertainer is handed a lot of money, from either a new deal or signing bonus, bad things can  happen if things are not where they need to be.  In most cases, it’s the first time that person has ever seen that type of money before.  The majority of people, in their lifetime, will never see the type of money you will see in one swipe of the pen.  All of a sudden, you are thrust into having to manage it all.

It’s a hard task with all that is going on.  People start coming out of the woodwork; friends wanting loans, family members needing a “favor”, people wanting you to invest in all kinds of odd things, people you really never saw before you were wealthy are now calling you.  Athletes and entertainers are prime targets to be taken advantage of if they don’t have a good team behind them.  They have worked extremely hard to get where they are, so why don’t more do what they need to do to protect that income…and their sanity.  The answer is simple.